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Got results from CT scan and lab work today. CT is clear, CEA is 0.6 YEE HAW. A little redneck humour. Changing scans from every 3 mo to 6 mo. It's always a little nerve racking the day before you get the news, so for the moment I can relax...
...but tomorrow say a little prayer for me. I have a polyp in my uterus and will have it removed tomorrow. Hopefully will be benign but always in the back of my mind that it is something else. Will update when I find out.
Thanks to all of you for just being here. I don't post a lot but always read to keep up with everyone. Think of me tomorrow. Ann


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    In my thoughts and prayers.......
    Great on the CEA......hoping the same on the other..........Love and Hope, Buzz
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    Prayed for benign polyp
    Ann, I prayed for you tonight, that this polyp is benign. GREAT news on the CT and CEA.
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    Clear CT. CEA of .6. Yee
    Clear CT. CEA of .6. Yee Haw indeed. Good luck tomorrow. Hoping that polyp will be begin. Manny sparks to you. Take care.
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    Congratulations on the good
    Congratulations on the good resuls! I hope your polyp 1s inconsequential.