Snowstorm check - everybody ok?

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What are your snow totals? My hubby's daughter, Howe, TX, reported 6 inches Sunday and stated that temps in the 60's were due the next day. How did everyone fare?



  • Marcia527
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    I'm just north of San
    I'm just north of San Antonio TX and I didn't see any snow. It had been pretty cold all week for March but this week is better in the 70's.
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    weather check
    I think the snow (in this last storm) was way up north, north of Dallas and into oklahoma.
    It got cold here, had 27 degrees overnite saturday, had to take in all the plants that were outside and cannot take a freeze, now we are back to my kind of weather, warm to hot.
    I am north of San Antonio too, Marcia about 120 miles.