My Dad. Hard to believe he died ten years ago.

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I could go on and on about my Dad but I won't. I journal so I'll put all my thoughts there. But I wanted to post something. First, he had prostate cancer. They say if a man lives long enough, he'll more than likely have prostate cancer. They over radiated him. He was in Florida for that treatment. He came to New York for the summer where my husband and I could look after him - he looked after my mother.

He had several blood transfusions that summer and they helped. He got back to himself more and more. Then they returned to Florida in September.

A couple of years after that, he had lung cancer. He had chemo and radiation. He drove himself, alone, to and from every treatment. He was given an "all clear" from the doctors. No cancer.

Two days later, right on cue, he had a brain tumor. He was hospitalized for three weeks and died there. I was with him for a week of those three. He knew me, no doubt there. But, because the hospital couldn't do anything for the cancer, they decided to treat him for diabetes. So...on the death certificate, my father died of diabetes. BULL. Hospitals don't like the number of people they have to report as having died under their care of cancer. Nothing to be done about it. He was gone.

I miss him. Ten years.


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    Ten Years
    Dear apple,
    So sorry to read that your dad had such a hard time. He sure was a fighter! be told you are cancer free, and two days later have brain cancer is unbelieveable! I can not understand why the hospital would even think to put cause of death diabetes. It was for sure from the cancer. Like you said, this was 10 years ago, but still, it would bother me as well. My dad recently passed away 3/9/10, from esophageal cancer with mets to the liver. He beat the esophageal cancer, and had a great 2009, until December, that is when we found out about the mets to his liver. It was all down hill after that. We and you did all you could to help your dad. We will always be our Daddy's Little Girl!