Lung Cancer has returned.

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My father aged 60 now had his left lung removed back in January 2008. All has been good since then. Obviously the lead up to the operation was not very pleasant. Initially we were told that no operation would be offered as it had spread to his lymph glands but miracles did happen for us and after just 4 chemo sessions the tumor had shrank enough for the hospital to agree to the removal of his lung. 6 weeks ago he woke up to find his voice had changed??

We have had a few visits to doctors to see if he could help but eventually I decided enough was enough and last week took him back to his surgeon.
After an MRI scan we have received the devastating news that the cancer has returned and is approx 3cm. He has not been offered any surgery as it is apparently too life threatening but is waiting for an appointment to see about chemo.

We were informed that they would try to shrink the tumor but my Dad seems to have already resigned himself to the fact that hes not going to be here much longer. I cant bear to see him so down, hes not eating or sleeping from the shock and worry. He is looking for something positive to cling to and I just dont know what to say. Ive always been the strong one for him but seeing him so sad seems to be hurting me so much more this time around... Can anyone shed any light on the success rate of this 2ND time round.? or what I should expect from chemo this time as I am aware that different chemo will be given if it is offered. Thanks.


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    Lung Cancer Has Returned
    Tell your Dad not to give up. Sometimes they use radiation to shrink the tumors and then do surgery to remove them. If surgery is not an option, chemo can be used to shrink the tumors as well. I am 58 and have had surgery, radiation and chemo. I am Stage IV adenocarcinoma and have been living with this since 2007. I feel good, exercise, do my household chores, enjoy my grandchildren, and have a good life. Never give up!