Breast, Lung, Hip & Liver Cancer.

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My mom was diagonsed when she was 28 years old. I was 11, and my brother was 6. It was a very hard day. To watch the person you love tell you that their body is fighting them. She was diagonsed with breast cancer. Between then and the day she died(November 29th, 2009) at age 33 she had delt with brest cancer 3 times, lung cancer twice, hip cancer once, and liver cancer which was the one that she couldnt fight. I was 16 years old and my brother 11 the day she passed. The day my mom told me she was dying was the hardest day of my life. To watch my mother, my hero, and my friend, tell me that she had 2 weeks left to live. Well the doctors were wrong, she passed away 5 days later. My mom was a fighter, she even cheered for an all star parent team. Cancer can kill you, but it can't kill your spirit, or your fight.
R.I.P. Mom<3


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    Dear Georgianna,
    Thank you

    Dear Georgianna,
    Thank you for your post. I too lost my dad, 3/9/10 to liver cancer. It started in his espophagus, which he beat, then in December 09 it went to his liver, and he could not beat that. Yes I agree, Cancer can kill you, but it can not kill your love for one another. Our love for our mom and dad will live on forever! Thanks for your encouragement, it is just what I needed today!