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How long until radiation exhaustion and chemo brain go away? I am also somewhat depressed since finishing rads and all my treatments. Is this common?


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    I hear ya. I have had burst
    I hear ya. I have had burst of energy and i use it all up and then I seem to crash for about 24hours or so. I am begining to feel better as the days go by. However I still have some bad days. I feel a bit lost since treatment with rads ended. I still go every three weeks for herceptin. Hang in there is should get better.
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    Yes it's very common. My rad onc told me to expect it. I'm about a year out from finishing the course of lumpectomy, chemo, and rads. Started to regain strength two weeks post rads, but still felt all stretched somehow. I'm normally ok, but am still laying down reserves. I'll hit a wall and need a rest. End is in sight, and I hear you chugging up the hill behind me. Be strong!
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    I finished rads on 3/5 and
    I finished rads on 3/5 and started back to work 3/8. So tired I couldn't see straight. But, I'm tired - not fatigued like I was during rads. I have been warned that I still might be, briefly. Every day is a little better, especially with the delightful weather we have been having here in Central NY. I nap. And I nap some more. Or I just hit the couch and drool. I did not have chemo, so I can't speak for that or the accumulated effects of both rads and chemo.

    I think that while we are diligently going through our treatments, we are feeling in control of our BC. Once they end, we are at loose ends. This feeling passes. However, if you think you are becoming more depressed, speak to you healthcare provider. Try to pamper yourself, indulge in something you truly enjoy. Give yourself time. Keep posting.

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