Treanda - Recently Treanda was added to my F. lymphoma treatment, any info. or advice?

lillyfield Member Posts: 8
I am having backaches and tiredness while taking Treanda. More than when I was on Rituxin. Also, my appetite and taste is affected. Anyone in the same boat? Thanks for answering. Gus


  • 711tom
    711tom Member Posts: 44
    I had TREANDA in 2005
    The biggest issue I had with TREANDA was appetite loss. I lost a fair amount of weight due to food tasting different and really just not as hungry. I did not have any pain or other discomfort,maybe a little more tired than normal but it was really not that bad for me. Hopefully it will get better for you. I reached a clinical full remission with the treatment and did not require any additional treatment for three years. Good luck and stay strong!!
  • Linda56
    Linda56 Member Posts: 3
    Hi! I get Treanda with Rituxan and have had no problems. After I have shot to boost white blood cells, I do't feel like eating but after acouple of days I actually eat a lot!!!!!

    Good Luck!!!!!