location of tumor into the chest wall R upper lobe

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Hi everybody,My wife is going through another round of chemo and radiation,as we said in a earlier post her surgery was unsuccessful because of the location of the tumor.The surgeon said the tumor was to close to a major blood vessel(Superior Vena Cava )to be removed.We are really just wondering if anyone else has had a similar case. you don`t have to answer the question to write back.We love to hear from all of you awesome people Thank`s Gods Blessings, Don@Kathy


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    One of my tumors was to close, and the fact that I had basicly the whole lung involved was the reason I couldnt have the surgery. I hope that your wife is doing okay, I know how chemo can make you feel, although everyone reacts differently. I cant even begin to know what the radiation effects are , couldnt have, but I understand they are no peice of cake.
    Just keep a positive sttitude and be there for her, no matter what keep a sense of humor, it does work for us.
    Keep us informed on her progress,and let us know if there is anything we can do.

    Our Prayers and Best Wishes to Your Wife, You, Your Family and Everyone....,

    Dna (cobra1122) and Margi Harmon
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    hi there..I know this is one of the hardest most terrifying ordeals you both are facing.Especially when surgery is impossible.But keep your faith and keep your spiris up.I had terminal 3rd stage lung cancer .involving lymph nodes and inoperable.Too close to my trachea to remove the disease or the lung.That diagnosis was made April 14th , 2008.Iwent through aggressive chemo and radiation..all of which had some serious side effects at the end,such as severe radiation burn of the esophagus..blood transfusion at the end of treatment and last but not least heart damage which resulted in a heart attack six weeks ago and open heart surgery due to scar tissue in the artery.This should have been watched closer by the drs as I had so much radiation directly to the middle of chest to assure lymph nodes were blasted but they never expected me to survive.I was actually told my kind of cancer does not go into remission.Well SURPRISE !! I have been in remission since August 2008 and the heart surgery has been no picnic but I am here!I am 54 and have a great faith in God and hope i continue on to share in my grandchildrens lives...So there are miracles happening every day and only one person knows when you're time is up...best of luck to you and believe God still heals... hugs, jill..I believe I may have written you a while ago... don't give up..
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    Girl friend is going through
    Girl friend is going through the same. Tumor has grown around 2 main vessels and pushing against her wind pipe. Surgeon said it is not removable, not going in unless he knows he can get it all. Just finished second round of 6 day Chemo treatments along w/ radiation and only have 10 remaining radiation treatments according to the radiologist...... Another CT to determine what success they had shrinking it... now what is my question. She is not eating at all, feeding through tube. Still can't move hardly at all, pain strong in left chest, problems swallowing and breathing. Hope, faith, what else is there other than loving support........

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