Astrocytoma grade 2 almost 3 had surgery ???

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Hello , I just had surgery on right temporal lobe removed astrocytoma grd2 going into grd3 it was about the size of a big peanut easy to get but path report says active after 2 weeks watching it at emory in atlanta they want to do some chemo of some type incase it has a cell wondering in the brain it is knocking on cancers door is what doc says very sympotmatic I was not recognizing people the last year and passed out on intertate an lost urine control 6 months agothought it was my heart but I guess it was the tumor . Figured if it isnt cancer yt why do chemo just wondering if anyone in simalar situation . I have liver condition so the dexmethosone is really messing with me forthey have me on it for to get inflamation down . Im 53 I guess mabye its a precaution . He said I was lucky it was where it was . Anywa just a wondering Im doin good after surgery just ant to get back to work thought I would be back in 2 weeks LOL Im learning about all this . Thank you . Sincerely, Joe