discoloration and hardness of breast

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I just finished my last round of Chemo Mar.10th. Thank God!!!!! But I still feel concern when I look and touch my breast where the surgeon removed a small tumor. My breast is still very discolored (alot of redness) and very hard to touch. I've asked my Oncologist about it several times and my surgeon, and they both tell me it is normal. Have any of you experienced the same?


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    My oncologist told me that
    My oncologist told me that sometimes the tenderness never goes away. That's real encouragement, but I am now almost two years out from surgery, and my incision is still tender. The color has taken on the normal "scar look", but the skin surrounding the incision has returned to it's normal skin tone. Everyone is different, so don't be alarmed. Just know that you carry this battle wound, and you have beat the beast for now. Hugs. Judy
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    I had my lumpectomy in Nov
    I had my lumpectomy in Nov 09...the area where they took the tissue out is still firm and the skin is darker right over that area...i think it's a combo btw lumpectomy and rads. My boost treatments were right over that area and I was pretty burned. My rad onc said it could take awhile to heal, but that it was possible that the differences in breast tissue (firmness) may be permanent. I also have some occassional tenderness, but not bad at all.
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    How long ago was your surgery?
    My lumpectomy was January 4. I had accelerated internal radiation (with a balloon implant). It's been about 7 weeks since the balloon was removed. The last bit of redness is just now going away, and I'm still peeling from the burn. Elsewhere, my skin is a little darker in some spots. Internally, I have some "thickened" areas, especially above my nipple, where neither the lumpectomy nor the balloon were. There's also some tenderness and occasional "nerve twinges." My surgeon said it could take 6-12 months to heal, which is why they wait 6 months for the first post-surgery mammogram. From what I've read, this is all normal.