Radiation in the same spot

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Hi has anyone else had radiation in the same spot,3 months later my wife is going for another round of 8 radiation treatments and 2 chemo`s this week, were told before they could not radiate in the same spot.Thanks Cobra God Bless Don&Kathy


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    hi! All I know is that when I had radiation to my lung halfway they had to stop and do the rest from the other side. The reason was that the radiation was hitting my spinal cord and there was just so much the spinal cord could take. I asked the tech how they calculated how much a spinal cord could take and he said 'thank the poor souls who have gone before you dear'. Yikes!
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    Radiation in the same spot
    After being "tatooed" I had radiation in the same spot for about six weeks while I was also on Chemo (Cisplatin and Etopside). They were radiating a tumor in my right lung. I had a mold made of my upper torso, so they could position me on the table in exactly the same spot. The tumor died and then I had surgery to remove the middle and lower lobes. That was in October and so far everything is still negative except my red blood cell count. I would question who told you that and why.....getting more than one opinion some times helps. Good luck and best wishes.