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I lost only 4 ounces for a 2 week loss, making total loss 4 lbs. 4 oz. I have, however, continued to walk 5 days per week, 1 hour per day.

And...I am going to have to start taking Arimidex within the next week. I don't know how that will affect my metabolism, though I will find out quick enough.

Another good way to stay on track with the diet is to go to the store and try on pants. What an eye opener! Trying on new clothes is definitely an enormous incentive to be very legal. My problem is that I know that I am not eating all my points and I need to track what I eat, which I find difficult to do. It's not that I am eating the wrong foods. I am just not eating the quantity that I should be eating.

I have to find a way to solve writing down everything I eat and keep track of the ponts each day. I have a few ideas, I just need to implement them.

Let's hope that next week gives me a better loss.



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    Good for you ... you are going in the right direction! I've learned little tricks that seem to help the appitite. That is to eat five times a day ... not 5 big meals but rather a snack between each meal. Ya know when lunch or dinner times start to roll around and you are so hungry before you even start to prepare your meal? Well have a little snack; apple slices, grapes, veggie, almonds, or whatever you like that is good for you and that will help surpress the hunger pains and you won't stuff yourself during the meal. Another trick is when you feel hungry and know you really shouldn't eat ... go brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with mouthwash. Once you do that and your mouth feels nice and fresh you won't want to eat anything and have to brush your teeth again. Keep up the good work!
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    I say 4 oz is 4 oz no matter
    I say 4 oz is 4 oz no matter which way you 'weigh". sometimes it's just water rentention or a needed trip to the potty. You are close to 5 lbs and thats a whole heck of a lot. Good job--keep posting your "losses". Maybe someday soon after I complete chemo I"ll get inspired to follow your actions. Keep up the goodwork!
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    Good for you!
    I agree with Natly - each 4 oz you lose is that much more toward your goal. Plus, with the increased activity it's not uncommon to gain a bit due to the buildup of muscle. When you try on those pants, you will likely find more of a difference than you might expect for a 5 lb. loss.

    It is funny how eating too few points can have a negative impact on weight loss, but in my experience in reading others posts on the WW boards when I was following it, there seems to be something to that.

    I always tracked my points on the website, but if you didn't join back and have that tool, you might also try just putting it in Excel if you're on the computer every day. Before I joined WW I was keeping just a food log that way and it worked well for me. Of course, I'm at my computer most all day at work, so it was easy to take time at lunch and at the beginning and end of the day to write stuff down quickly.

    I'm also trying to ease my way back into more activity - took my dog for a walk this afternoon. It should be easier to do that more now that we're on Daylight Savings Time.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Janelle, I agree with Natly
    Janelle, I agree with Natly and Cindy, 4 oz. is still a loss. You have lost almost 5 pounds and that's awesome. You are getting closer to your goal with every ounce lost. Keep posting and keep up the good work.
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    Thank You All For Your Words of Encouragement
    Thank You All for Reading My Weigh-In Reports

    I just want to thank all of you for your words of encouragement. I report to Weight Watchers, to my My #1 Doctor, and to this Support Group. This group has kept me on track for walking 5 days per week, 1 hour per day because I know I have to tell you how much I walked. So...if I am feeling a little lazy or a little tired, I tell myself that I have to get those 5 days completed.

    In addition, I won't give up on dieting and no matter how much I lose, it is important for me to tell you the truth.

    These postings are working!!!!

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    I've dieted off and on thru
    I've dieted off and on thru out the years and found that weight doesn't come off evenly. You may have a plateau here or there where you stay for awhile. You just have to hang in there. 4lbs 4 oz! Wawhoo!
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    If it were only as easy to
    If it were only as easy to take off as put on.....sigh!

    The stand-up comic Sinbad says " When you are a teenager, you can eat an entire bag of Oreo's and lose 5 pounds~ once you are over 40, if you just Walk By a bakery, Wham! Boom! Bang! Your hips, thighs and buttocks expand just knowing there are baked good nearby!" Isn't that the truth???

    I am with the chorus of 4oz is 4oz! And whereas the Arimidex did make it more difficult to keep my weight off, I kept thinking of how much I could potentially weigh if I were NOT exercising and watching my intake! So, I knew that for the most part I was doing all I could, and the things that were quite possibly out of my control, I just didn't fret over them!

    I am so proud of you for your honesty and for the walking! It has become such a big part of my life that even in the pouring rain, I put on galoshes, raincoat and hat ( even my dog has a raincoat!) and off we go! I admit I don't get the full hour of walking in when it is horribly rainy, but I get at least half an hour and my conscience is clear!

    Keep up your good work; I don't follow a prescribed eating plan, so I don't know about points and a food log, but I feel assured you will figure out what works best for you.

    For breakfast I have 1/2 cup of Grape-Nuts with an handful of fresh blueberries and 10 almonds . I always use Lactaid fat-free milk. And a cup of coffee!

    Mid AM snack is another 10 almonds and an apple or some other piece of fruit. And a big glass of water with a lemon wedge.

    Lunch is usually tuna with fresh lemon juice, lemon-pepper, avocado, red peppers. No mayo. Sometimes, if I want it juicier, I use salsa to moisten it. I have a few wheat thins with it, maybe 5. And again, water!

    Dinner, I think I am growing gills! Good thing I love fish! I try and have salmon 3 times a week. I top a fillet with fresh lemon slices drizzle it with olive oil and a sprig of fresh dill, wrap it in foil and bake it. I sometimes bake it with grainy mustard for a change of taste. Or I will grill halibut. LAst night our veggie was shallots and garlic sauteed in olive oil, half a granny smith apple cubed, and fresh spinach with a little nutmeg. And, brown rice. I did have a glass of white wine, but hey! I do allow myself a treat!. I served the salmon on the bed of spinach. The crunch of the apples was nice with the fish, and added a sweetness. And, oh yeah...the water! LOL If I don't feel like fish, I eat chicken, but not with the skin.

    I try and eat meat no more than once a week, and usually I just sample Reggie's steak. One or two bites will generally satisfy my craving for beef! And I could eat salad all day long , as well as any vegetable and variety of bean known to humankind! And I don't have a sweet tooth at all! We still have semi sweet chocolate chips in the cupboard from who knows when! LOL

    If you can think of something I should be adding or subtracting to this self-imposed meal plan I would appreciate it!

    You are the inspiration to countless numbers of women here on these boards...keep up the fantastic work!