How long after radiation to replace expanders

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Hi Pinks, can anyone tell me how long your PS waited after radiation to replace expanders with implants, I HATE these expanders and can't wait to sleep on my side :)
I'm only starting my first of 35 treatments today and look at me jumping ahead, one of these days I'll learn to take it one day at a time, lol.
Thanks in advance for your replies!


  • CarrWilson
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    3 months
    My PS said he wanted me to wait at least 3 months after "everything" was done. This expander is very annoying. Poking me in the armpit, and hard as a rock. I roll on to my side in my sleep and it immediately wakes me up. Argh!

    My best friend is also going through this and her PS only made her wait 1 month before replacing with silicone. So I guess it depends specifically on what your PS says and is most comfortable with. Your PS would be your best response.

    Good luck with radiation, and soon to be removed expanders!

    - Carrie