Coconut Macaroons

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A thread on the colo-rectal board made me think to post this. They thread was regarding the dreaded diarrhea so many of us experience with the chemo-rad treatment. I remembered that one of my oncology nurses suggested that I get some coconut macaroons and eat two a day. There is supposedly something about the coconut oil that helps your digestive tract. I did not need to be persuaded to go my Publix and get a container of their scrumptious macaroons. I did see an improvement and many days they were the only thing that really appealed to my compromised appetite. Was it all in my head? Who knows, but they sure were tasty. Just a suggestion.
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    coconut macaroons
    The top two items on my do not eat list were chocolate and coconut, and I love both of them! I ate lots of cheese ravioli and spinach, the first helped the most and was about all I could stomach
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    I wonder if I can use the coconut macaroons as well. Not that I need them, but I LOVE them. I still have problems after my colon was removed -- I can use that as an excuse!! LOL

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