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Hi everyone -

I'm freaking out a little and needed some of your advice. I just lost my husband March 1 to colon cancer. I have recently been diagnosed with a food allergy - supposedly, I'm allergic to nickel in foods. My concern is that I have had swollen lymph nodes on the back of my neck, my armpits and my groin area. I also have a terrible rash and am extremely itchy. I also have a pea sized bump on the left side of my neck - I can move it around and it doesn't go away. The swollen lymph nodes that I've had do go away. My derm. has said that these are all symptoms of my food allergy and that does make some sense. However, I am tired all the time but we've had a lot of stress in our lives for the past few years so I just attributed the fatigue to all of that - I also have four children - so, lots going on. Did any of you have a terrible rash? With creams it does get better but there is a spot on the small of my back that I haven't been able to get rid of. Does this all sound familiar to you all? I know every case is different but I was just wondering. I'm seeing the doctor in a couple of weeks. How hard should I push him? If he says it is all related to my supposed food allergy, should I accept that? Thanks so much - I love these sites.