Dry Cough

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I have gone thru 4 chemo's and 15 radiation treatments . I am now on a break for about a week, then i will start my 3rd session. My question is I still have a dry cough. Does anyone else have this problem. Should I try to keep from coughing or should i cough when i have to. The doc says i am coughing because of the tumor on my lung. Does anyone else have this problem.


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    dry cough
    I have a dry cough because of my tumor also. I have not started any chemo or radiation yet. The docs did tell me it was possible that would happen. I was told it was ok to use cough medicine, although they didn't promise it would do a whole lot. I have used Children's Robitussin and it does help calm it. I also have congestion, but only in my throat. The docs have told me to take Mucinex, which I do and it clears the congestion and my cough does seem to calm from that also.
    I know we're not in the same boat, yet, but these ideas might help. I haven't been told I wouldn't be able to continue their use.
    I'd be curious to see what others do as well. The cough really hurts the back of my throat.
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    Dry cough
    Hopefully, your doc knows what he or she is talking about, but you might also consider that radiation is a form of rather intense burning and may also be contributing to your cough.

    The mucinex suggestion offered by another respondent is one I have seen recommended by others so maybe you should ask your doc about this. Ask, too, about whether a humidifier might help you. I used a humidifier during and after radiation for head/neck cancer (no rads for my lung cancer -- just surgery and chemo), and it did wonders.

    As with everything, be sure to consult your doc before changing any aspect of your treatment.

    Best wishes.

    Take care,

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    I've had a cough the entire time I've had cancer, two years. It got worse during my 40 radiation treatments when I coughed all day and all night. Now I have "no evidence of disease" yet still have the cough, although the spells are getting less frequent now. I know it makes you feel bad when you are out and others look at you like you are contagious! My doc said if my cancer doesn't come back, things will slowly get back to normal over a period of about three years. I am also easily winded with only minimal exertion, and that is from radiation scar tissue. The doc said over time the other lung will start taking up the slack for the damaged one. I was Stage III and the tumor was pushing on my windpipe.