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I was planning on losing the 1/day pad in the next few days then got a glorious Texas cold. Texas colds are difficult to shake since this time of year it can be 75 one day and 25 the next.

Anyway, with the coughing, sneezing, antihistamines and cough suppressants I am back to 3-4 pads a day.

Does anyone know if antihistamines have an adverse effect on continence? I am not just squirting when I cough and sneeze, I tend to kind of dribble most of the time.

My surgeon had to do some extra bladder work and took extra "material" on one side and said my goal should be to be at 1-2 pads at 2 months which I was. I amjust now 5 months post-op. (DaVinci).



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    I asked the wife (she is a NP). She suggested you google the specific antihistamine and see if it could impact continence. She did not think that the antihistamine or cough suppresent would be a diuretic ..... felt it likely that when your sneezing went away so would a couple of your pads.