Does Neuropathy Cause Blood Blisters on Feet?

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I just noticed what looks like a blood blister on the tip of my big toe. It's about the size of a dime. I didn't injure my foot. At least if I did... I didn't feel it. It don't hurt.... just feels kinda numb and tingly.... and looks like its ready to bleed at any moment. I just wondered if nerve damage can cause something like that??? i am at a loss on how the heck it got there?????????? thank you!



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    Hi Jennie,

    You're on Folfox, right, with oxi, leucovorin, and 5FU? Both 5FU and Xeloda can cause "hand and foot syndrome", which is usually dry cracked and/or peeling skin. It can cause the skin on your hands and feet to be overly sensitive (but different from the oversensitivity of the neuropathy from the oxi), and can cause them to blister.
    I don't know about a blood blister, though. Could you have bumped or pinched that spot where the blood blister is? Maybe you didn't feel it when you did it because of the neuropathy?

    Hope it gets better soon.

    Take care,
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    I got a few blood blisters,
    I got a few blood blisters, and lots of regular blisters, on the pads of my feet. I think mine came from playing too much soccer with my daughter's team that I coach. May be yours came from driving that bi&%#n' Camaro.

    From the look of your new picture, I'd say the hunters have not been idle.
    Take care Jennie.