Is it hormone related ?

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I had history of myomectomy and left ovarian cystectomy and result was benign lesions, two tumors were about 10-11 cm, total there were 7 tumors, the one in my left ovarian was about 3 cm. I lost weight about 20 lbs.

Until I was found melanoma had spread to other parts of the body including my right breast, intially the PET scan showed the right breast nodule was 1cm and it might be fibrod or low grade disease, but after I took the 2nd chemo, it was suddenly enlarged from 1cm to 2cm in 2 weeks' time whereas the others grew not so fast.

I took the mammogram, the result was suspicious leison, but subsequent cells pathology showed it was consistent with melanoma.

One of onco suggested me to try tamoxifen, other onco suggsted I might try either combinations of (Abraxane + Gemzar) or (DTIC + Sorafenib) and they were 50% and 30% effective with research support. I know tamoixfen and Gemzar are drugs to treat breast and/or ovarian cancer.

Anyone can tell whether melanoma is hormone-related ? Anyone has similar conditions like me and what treatments were given ?