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"New Biomarkers for Predicting the Spread of Colon Cancer":

"Hangzhou, China-March 8, 2010-Two proteins present in the blood of people with colon cancer may accurately serve as markers to predict whether the disease will spread, say scientists in China........."

Assuming they are correct, among the proteins studied, ".....they found two of the proteins were more common in the metastatic patients" studied. ".......The proteins are labeled TFF3 or GDF15."

If proven true,"... their discovery will help doctors know whether a colorectal cancer tumor is more likely to spread and should be treated more aggressively or whether patients' tumors are not likely to spread, thus sparing them more toxic treatments if they don't have the biomarkers."

(no offense to anyone, but China doesn't seem to be the most health-conscious of nations-ie. lead, etc in childrens' toys;; hopefully their scientists are more honest as theories can be repudiated unbiasedly scientifically. Also, I've read that many supplements sold in US are actually made either in China or with Chinese ingredients.....that China is becoming a big player in thge vitamin/supplement business).....steve