H-Pylori caused bowel to perforate, ulcers, then NHL-anyone else

miss maggie
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It all started with a most terrible pain, which I have no memory of. (middle of sept) I was rushed to the hospital, ER. I had a ct scan, and was immediately operated on. I was in ICU for almost one week, then 2 more weeks of hospitalization. Total 3 weeks in hospital. I thought I would never leave the hospital. I found out I had NHL. Do you think the NHL caused H-Pylori, perforation, ulcer, and pain? Or the other way around? I went to my oncologist, had a pet scan, pet scan showed node in neck, but after a neck biopsy negative. Then a bone marrow biopsy, which also came back negative. I took 3 sedatives for this procedure (bone marrow biosy). If I ever have to have this procedure, I would like to have general anastesia. Is that possible?

I was a bit anxious about waiting so long to start treatment. I wanted to do something, and pehaps felt better doing something, rather than nothing. I was glad when the oncologist suggested a treatment plan for me. My DX was stage 1, low grade, B cell NHL. I started 4 weeks of rituxan, once a week in the beginning of dec 2009. Last treatment, dec 30. Did well with that. Hmmm, not sure if 2 months later, the rituxan caused arthitis in my left leg? If if any other side effects will apear.

God bless all of you. I am so glad I have this site to communicate. Miss Maggie