Me again

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So it seems as if I feell sooo crappy all the time. They had me on so many meds in the begining maybe I didnt realize how bad I did feel. Now that I'm getting closer to my next round of chemo I'm seriously doubting myself, I know I need to keep positive I just hope its not this hard forever. I sleep roughly 12 hours a day now and with a new baby I know the strain is seriously on my husband who continues to work and take care of everything by himself now, I'm seriously considering going back on meds to help even though they want me to wean myself from them. Ugh, what to do. :(


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    someone to help
    Hi, I was thinking, have you asked for help from a church or cancer center, they have volunteers to help. It would help with the load and stress you feel.Ask at your onc.Drs office for some phone #s they might could give you. I know there are groups who help in situations like yours, sometimes it's hard to ask for help, but we need to. Then someday we can pay it back. Chin up, Ang