rcc with matt to duodenum and lungs, poss bone

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diagnosed with rcc matt to duodenum, lungs and bone. What a surprise after my wife fighting breast cancer in 03 and leukemia in 06, both in remission and doing very well.
SO now I start my battle. I had the rt Kidney removed 12-28 and all looked good, all my test came back negetive for the cancer spread. But over the last couple of weeks I have been in alot of pain and have had alot of troube eating. I had an Endoscopy preformed and found a mass in the dodenum that tested positive for-rcc. I just started the treatment with Sutent, and will be getting a bone scan sometime next week. I am being told I have about a year. Anyone out there that has been in this situation with any information would sure be a help.