My friend has got cancer, any ideas what I can do?

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My friend got diagnosed not long ago with Leukemia, she has had it well over 6 months now and it has only just showed.
The doctors say it won't go away as it is too far along, she is refusing treatment because her mum went through it and did not manage to survive.
She is detiriorating fast and I don't know what to do or say to her.
I'm only 14 so I don't really know alot about cancer but I've been finding out about her cancer and it seems pretty serious considering she won't survive it as all they can do is slow it down if she accepts the treatment.
I really need some advice anything just either about her cancer or what I can do for her
Please help me
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    Hi Krista,
    My friend was

    Hi Krista,

    My friend was diagnosed with Leukemia eight months ago. It's hard to watch someone you love go through something you can't do a thing about. Just be her friend. Spend time with her. Respect her wishes - there will be good days and there will be bad things. Bring her books and DVDs to help cheer her up. Tell her jokes. Make every day count. Send her funny text messages. Let her know you're there for her. Today is a hard day for me as my friend's treatment that looked promising is not going so well and I am hoping for the best still.

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    there are many types of
    there are many types of leukemia and many of them are very treatable. I got AML a year ago, and after a really really nasty month, I went into remission. I've been in remission since. It's hard, but getting through it takes a positive attitude.
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    Dear Krista
    I also was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and I have to be honest with you Krista, you have to be there for your friend and do your best to help her emotionally, I wish I could see her diagnosis and ask my doctors on their verdict because It seems to me that some hospitals are not always doing their best to help their patients with the Health Care Reform in limbo the way it is.

    If she does not take treatment she will suffer greatly, she obviously would have gotten a general overview from her doctors but here are the top 2.

    Anemia: She will become very pale and not have much energy even for everyday activities, if she loved to run around and play anything to do with physical exertion she will be unable to as not enough blood would be in her system, she may also develop jaundice and lose all appetite and in combination with that she will rapidly lose weight.

    Neutropenia: Along with a drop in Red Blood cells, her white blood cells may either be crowded out by partially formed white cells or simply stop being produced effectively: she will be very susceptible sickness and wont be able to be around large groups of people, or in fact anyone even slightly sick, normal bacteria that live on our bodies such as Herpes S1 and certain bacteria within our mouth will react violently making eating very painful from fever blisters also a side effect of being Neutropenic.

    Of course with her experience of her mother's passing and having witnessed it first hand I can understand she isn't eager to undergo chemotherapy with a lukewarm diagnosis from her doctors, but giving up will be just as terrifying.

    I hope she changes her mind, I pray that she changes her mind, but if she doesn't I hope that you both have the strength to make your time together memorable, and that everybody in your school knows how brave a person she is.