Post Chemo - How long does / did it take for white blood counts to rise? and Stem Cell Transplant In

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hi everyone
my sis has now been in the hospital for 1 month and is now in week 2 of her 2nd blast of chemo.. she is 19 and getting very impatient as her counts are stuck it seems at 0.5 .. how long did it take for yours to rise? is 3 weeks accurate? thats what her doctor told her..she does a stem cell transplant from my other sister who is a perfect match within the next 2 months.. anyone that has done that recently and wants to share their experience please do!


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    i didnt have a transplant,
    i didnt have a transplant, but i did have chemo for APML. from what i understand, her counts wont go up until she's completed her round of chemo. i had a full 7 day in-patient course of chemo and needed a month to recover from that. thereafter, i had 4 more rounds of chemo each one month apart so that i had time to recover. so for me, 30 days (3 weeks). but those three weeks dont start until the last day of chemo. i hope your sister gets better. :]
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    I'm assuming the 0.5 is for
    I'm assuming the 0.5 is for white cells?

    for me, I'd get 3-4 days of chemo for AML and I'd hit my nadir at around 1-2wks. Then it'd start increasing fairly quickly after that. it took longer to recover after each dose of chemo, and my dosing would have to be decreased for the next round. my 1st round of chemo happened when I was in a coma and don't remember anything. however, from round 2 to round 3, I went about 3.5 wks between. Between 3 and 4, it was more like 4wks. At one point, I went somewhere around 6wks because I was fighting an infection which prevented my counts from rising.