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Hi Linda, thanks for the reply- I have written this as a separate discussion as I didn't want to hijack Songflower's very important thread.

I know how to look up profiles, it just you can't actually see a list of posts by that person. For example hystersisters - you look up stats and you see this

Total Posts

* Total Posts: 54
* Posts Per Day: 0.03
* Find all posts by jjmb
* Find all threads started by jjmb

If you click on all posts - you will see all the one line headings-I can quickly see if that post that will relate to me and my current situation. Your profile tells me a lot about your condition but in posts you might put something that you might not consider important but I do for some reason. I have used the search on this board(a lot) and someone will say something that relates to previous post they have made. Unless that something relates to my current quesion, I have to go back to the search option to find that particular post.

I don't actually post here that often as all my tests seem very minor in comparison to what other people have written but I have learn a lot, such as finding out through people like Songflower, that my aunt's bladder cancer probably is related to her ovarian cancer over 20 yrs ago. This board is invaluable resource for women going through all stages of a woman's health problems (not only this board but the other related boards) but I just wish it was easier to use. Looking at other posts, I know I am not the only person who finds this.


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    I totally agree. Find this invaluable for information and support but give up when I try to look for specifics and I can't use this site well as I feel I should. Also find it confusing when there are replies to specific letters and the thread 'jumps around'. I check the Alz site on Healthboards and find that so easy to use and follow. Thought this difficulty was my lack of technological etc maybe not!!!