Question on Rads

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I have my second round of chemo today. (XALODA, TAXOTERE). I will have CT scan schedule after this round on Mar.10 to see if this working. By the way I have a liver mets.
So, I've asked my onco if I will have a rads after chemo and he said he don't know yet, maybe not likely since they took all the lymph nodes 16 positive out of 18.
I really thought that I will getting rads as well as my surgeon said so.

Please anybody had this before?? Need info.
I am from the Philippines but living in SC for 34 yrs.

Thank you and God Bless everyone.



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    To rad or not to rad
    Hi, I hd mastectomy on right side. ER and PR+, HER2 + and 18/20 nodes positive. I sound very positive for it all to be negative. lol went through it all, chemo and rad. My onc said ( also rad onc) with that many nodes rads was a definte. Also theres the booster hits which "target" the area withmore intensity. Hope this helps. Maybe a second opion? Katz