Chemo today on birthday

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Chemo went good and the nurses brought in a small cupcake like cake and sang Happy Birthday to me. Everything went well! (They could not carry a tune but was a wonderful surprise!)

Went to Outback with Jerry, Jason (son) and JP/Pam/Rylee (son and family) and waitresses and waiters brought cake and sang too!

Then went home and played Wii - bowled and tennis! Great 54th today. Thanks for your prayers. God sure IS Faithful.

Love you,


  • azgrandma
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    Happy B day
    Happy B day
    gee you sound like yu are getting along great, wish i could go out to eat etc. i am stil having trouble digesting
    glad your doing ok
  • JoanC
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    Birthday Fun
    What fun you had...hope you have that much fun very often...don't wait do it often.
    I am glad you are doing well.
    (((HUGS)) Joan
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    Happy Birthday,
    It sounds

    Happy Birthday,

    It sounds like you got some serious celebrating in... and isn't it a beautiful day when we are blessed to even have another birthday?

    Hope you get plenty of rest (after your active day) so you can look forward to another day!