My love/hate relationship with carbo/taxol

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Hi friends,

I Hate this drug... I have my 3rd (out of 8) infusion Monday. I haven't gained back much strength from my 2nd which kept me mostly in bed for 5-7 days. I now call that "basecamp".
I have aches and pains, metal mouth, horrible constipation and nausea. I can say that it feels like the worst flu ever being stuck on a roller coaster.

But, I LOVE this drug.... I was given carbo/taxol once before after being diagnosed in 5/06. I had the big surgeries, was staged at 3C and after 6 rounds I had a CA-125 of 9. I remained in the normal range for over 3 years! I know that there are some board members that are just starting or just finishing their courses of chemo. I want to wish you long, long dances with NED and I hope to be joining you very soon!
(((HUGS))) Maria


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    Your initial dance


    Your initial dance with NED (3 years) gives me hope. I just finished 6 sessions of carbo/taxol and get my new labs and CT scan done next week. My last CA125 was 12 and my doctor says he thinks I am NED. Since he is not the type who ever makes predictions, my spirit soared when he said that.

    I was DXed stage 3c in Sept of 2009 with a CA125 of 4,000. I had lots of ascites and caking of the omentum, plus a significant sized tumor in my intestine and enlarged lymph nodes that were not removed or biopsied, so I have been on pins and needles throughout my treatment.

    Ovarian cancer comes back, way more often than not, and I am prepared for that. A three year long dance would be great, however!