Port.... How is it determined WHEN it is to be removed???



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    I had mine out 2 weeks ago ,

    I had mine out 2 weeks ago , if you dont get it removed i was told you must get it flushed monthly, or a max of 6 weeks. 

    I had 6 months of Folfox 5 eg. 12 cycles. Now cea reading of 1.8. I hope to have my Ostomy bag off within 6 weeks. 

    Hope all goes well for you. Cancer sucks alright. Terry South of Auckland NZ

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    Nana b said:

    I had mine taken out 3
    I had mine taken out 3 months after chemo, but I was NED. It really bothered me and it caused me to have a pain in my neck all the time. I am stage 4. ONC had it taken out no other questions asked. Of course, you have to have good insurance or you pay out of pockets to get it put back in, should you need it again. I WILL NOT NEED IT AGAIN! Well, I hope not :-)

    This breaks my heart

    Nana was a rock for all of us, for many years. 

    R.I.P. lady. I'll see you on the flip side. 

    Tru  -   Old posts have their benefits, but they bring up allot of emotins for those of us who remember our lost freinds. 

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    Sundanceh said:

    Had 2 of 'Em...
    The call for removal comes from your oncologist - you can't just call up a surgeon and tell 'em to pull it out. Surgeon's office needs a referral or authorization from your oncologist before a surgery can be scheduled.

    When I had my first port, the nurse told me 4-years after treatment stopped was the normal protocol. I had trouble with my first one, don't think it was installed correctly. I flushed it regularly. I discovered during my LAR that we could not get a blood draw from the port, so it had begun to clot. I was tender in that area and began to worry about a stroke. We had it removed several months after chemo stopped.

    The 2nd one was put in well. I had no problems with it, flushed it every 30-days. This past year after the DaVinci robot surgery on my lung, my out of pocket deductibles were paid, so in essence, I could get a port removal surgery free. I only had 4-6 weeks left in the year after the mid-October surgery, so I asked my current onc if since I was currently NED, could he authorize the removal - and he said yes. I took a chance here but by waiting, I would run up a $6000 bill where I otherwise was getting it paid for since I met all of my criteria for my insurance...I took the gamble. Let's hope it pays off - if not, I'll get the same surgeon to put me another back in when and if it's needed.

    And like most people, I was glad to have it removed. It's a constant reminder of what you have gone through - there's nothing like rubbing your hand over that area and not feeling that KNOT anymore. Makes you feel a little more human when you can get it out of you. But, it is a blessing when getting treatment and much easier to deal with than going through the veins...I did one round of Oxy in my hand before Port #2 was installed and my arm went limp from my hand clean up to my elbow along with a host of other issues - I had only been on 5fu pump 24/7 the first time, so I had no idea what Oxy would do and of course my Onc at that time, did not clue me in...we had a long talk after that, LOL :)

    After the 2nd port removal, there was alot of swelling and tenderness and honestly it felt like the port was still in me, the lump was so big. After a couple of months now, it has subsided and the swelling went down...still some scar tissue in there at the site. Both ports went on the same side of my chest.

    Like everything with Cancer, there is no Right or Wrong answer here - just what you and your doctors decide is the best approach for each individual case.

    Oh...and I am/was/always will be....Stage IV.

    See ya' Jennie :)


    *Deep sigh*

    Nana & Craig - remembererd here.


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    Old post but good information

    and friends now gone.

    Still, we live and learn from them, and everyone.


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    I had my one out about 3

    I had my one out about 3 weeks after chemo finished. The hospital did not want it left in due to possible infection. Ct scan next week then look forward to Ostomy reversal. Had bag for 9 months and am sick to death of it.  CEA now 1.5 fingers crossed. 

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    So many good people on this post gone too soon.  This post is so old but the same question comes up over and over again.  I'm glad CSN didn't delete Idlehunters. She had a lot of information to share.


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    I wanted it out because it

    I wanted it out because it limited me from playing tennis and lifting weights, two things that I consider part of my life. I have not returned to doing those things yet as my abs are still healing but I'm hoping to return to some of those things in three weeks. I will start out very slowly.