A nice week off

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It sure has been nice this week off from any chemo. It took from Tuesday until Friday to notice that Hey! I'm coming back from ..where ever the heck I've been. My mind seems clearer and energy level has elevated a tad. I even cleaned out the fridge!Took the shelves out and all and it was a big Yuk!

The neuropathy, well it seems worse.I know it might take awhile for it to go away but does it get worse after discontinuing oxi?

Hopefully all will go well on the Xeloda. I'll be taking 3,300 mg daily.Had to look up on the web how to take it because the pharmacy didn't send any print out or instructions other than take twice daily.

Y'all have a nice weekend. I am ;)



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    Good for you, Pat!! I hope
    Good for you, Pat!! I hope for continued good days for you!
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    Good weekend
    I'm glad you had a nice weekend. Good luck with the Xeloda. I hope you tolerate it well.