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I had a double mascetomy and reconstruction 6 months ago. I have not had the nipple surgery yet and am wondering about 2 things. My breasts seem to be getting harder - I am told I need to 'squeeze' them hard and alot to break up the scar tissue. Has anyone found a way to deal with this? Or should I accept them getting progressively firmer as time goes on? I have a small build so there isn't alot of 'room' for the implants to find a nice big, "comfy house" in anyway but I am wondering what others have done. I have been holding off on the nipple surgery until I am sure there is nothing else I can do with my breasts.

Second, can anyone tell me how the nipple surgery goes? Do they nipples actually 'stick out' and look natural? Are there things I should be aware of = types of surgery/approaches? I would really appreciate any feedback on both of these issues. Thank You - All.


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    What type
    What type of reconstruction did you have?
    I had a double mastectomy with tissue expanders in Feb 2009 and then had the tissue expanders taken out and silicone implants put in Nov. 2009. They are harder than my real ones were but softer than the tissue expanders were.

    As for nipple reconstruction I just had mine done Feb. 16th and so far they do stick out because of some swelling but will get smaller as time goes on. There are other ladies on here that have has this done some time ago so they will be better at telling us the outcome after months or longer of having this done. I will be having tattooing done in 6-8 weeks.

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    exercise them
    I had the same surgery Stef had with the implants. I was told I should lean forward and let them hand there for a bit every day to keep them more supple. I was also told to message them a bit. I will admit I am lax at this but do do it when I think of it. I am not having a problem with them hardening. I am a C cup so I do not know if that makes a diff. I am due for nipple recon and have been told it is relatively simple, however mine will be more complex because there is tweaking to be done on my recon so I can be completely satisified. Good luck, keep us posted on how you do.

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    Try searching They have a lot of photos (look at personal stories) and a lot of information. Make sure to ask your plastic surgeon for before and after pictures. The best information you can get is off this board, but these are some other resources you might be interested in. Best of Luck.