Caregiver Stress

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I need to vent a little. My husband has been so supportive during my surgery and recovery but is struggling with his own health, emotional & physical. I think today he was close to a melt down, he is getting professional help from his doctor but his need is coming just as my chemo starts, it's unbearable.

I know this will pass, or at least pray it will but it's hard to discuss it with anyone close to us. In addition to the fear, is the financial stress dealing with medical expenses and everyday budgets on one income. Following up with doctors and insurance fell on his shoulders when I got so sick prior to surgery. I'm thinking an advocate is needed for making it through the next 4-5 months while I'm in treatment.

I was thinking tonight, if he had a breakdown how I could help him. That thought pattern made me realize I'm pretty stressed out and probably passing it on to him. Considering I got my head shaved, a Port inserted, and are mentally prepping for my first Chemo, I'm probably over the top myself.

How do you keep your sanity when it seems impossible to be sane. Wow, it feels so good to be open like this, I don't know anywhere else to say it like it feels.