Doing the waiting game again

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Post-chemo scans have been done this week, now it's the dreaded waiting for results. I hope to know early next week whats going to happen. Petscan showed no hotspots, so I'm being positive. Waiting for the MRI and ultrasound results now. I'm feeling well. Thanks for your kind words about my petscan.


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    Try to stay positive! Think
    Try to stay positive! Think of the law of attraction that all positive will return to you if you have faith. Thoughts and prayers going out to you.

  • Moopy23
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    Hang in There
    The waiting is the worst, I know. I hope you can keep busy over the weekend. Thanks for keeping us updated, Laurissa. I'll be sending you positive thoughts and continued excellent test results. We like to celebrate around here!
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    Hi laurissa, hang in there.
    Hi laurissa, hang in there. There a lot of prayers going your way. I'll be looking for your post on the results. Have a good weekend. Hugs to you.