prayers answered-I am Stage 1

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Hello all,
I had my lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy on Tuesday and my pathology report just came in --I am officially Stage 1 !! All 5 lymph nodes removed were negative and my margins were clear...I am feeling blessed and very grateful. I know I will still have radiation and not sure yet about chemo, but enjoying the moment for now. Thank you all for your support in getting me through this beginning step of my cancer journey.
And for those of you reading this and thinking I am on the wrong discussion board-I have been on this board for years as caregiver for my husband and still feel an attachment even though it is breast cancer I am now fighting.
Keeping you all in my prayers,
Mary Kay


  • AnneCan
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    Mary Kay,
    I am really happy

    Mary Kay,

    I am really happy for you! Enjoy this good news!
  • just4Brooks
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    Way to go!!
    Great News Mary Kay!!!

    Life is funny sometimes
  • lisa42
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    Mary Kay,

    So glad to hear you are just stage one! That is definitely good news.

    Take care,
  • karguy
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    Yes,good news is always welcome.I hope you just keep getting better.
  • ann2008
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    Mary Kay
    Glad for your good news. Keep coming back as often as you need to.
  • Fight for my love
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    I am very happy for you that
    I am very happy for you that the diagnosis was early and good.I am sure you will beat this up.All the best to you.Take care.
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    Great News
    I am so happy for you, the results are just wonderful. I dont care what cancer it is, you are welcomed here anytime. Stay strong, and keep the faith.

    God Bless
  • geotina
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    Mary Kay
    I'm so happy for you that it is Stage 1 but unhappy that you have to go through this stuff after caring for your husband. Please come back to the board and let us know how things are going for you, cancer is cancer and we all care. Now take a deep breath, enjoy the weekend and just do whatever you have to to put this breast cancer out with the trash. Tina
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    Mary Kay,

    I'm so glad to read that news. You can do this!