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Thanks to all those that responded to my post asking for prayers and positive thoughts. Also a big thanks to all of you that pm'd me with well wishing. To all those that read my post and said a prayer I also thank you. To those that read my post and blew it off, well, you know where you can put it. I'm keeping my finger crossed, John


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    Fingers crossed
    Your not alone John, there are many with you. Stay strong!

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    Loads of prayer
    John, Not only am I praying, but I asked a group of women friends worldwide (Morning Glory Prayer Warriors) to pray for 'a young father named John that his cancer has remained stable so he can receive a needed treatment'. My oldest son picked up on it and his friends and church in Maryland (Eastern Assembly of God) are praying for you with just that same info. A step sister in law (long and confusing story) who is part of a Whole Life Ministries church in Georgia has put you on their church prayer list. A group in my own church, First Baptist Church Villa Rica, Ga., that I trust to pray the way you asked is praying. A group of Baptist preachers and missionaries on a website where I am the administrator are all praying for you.

    You ARE being prayed for, lifted up, held to the light, wished well, loved more than you could ever know and thought of many times a day.

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    I have followed your journey since I joined this board shortly after my sister was dx. and your strength amazes me. (Not to mention your entrepreneurship). I continue to pray for you! Your wisdom and journey have been a source of strength for me.
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    Hi John,
    I continue to send

    Hi John,

    I continue to send good thoughts your way, + can hardly wait to hear your good news! Your posts are always informative + interesting!
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    OMG!! Well, I didn't read
    OMG!! Well, I didn't read your post but have prayed for you anyway, so there!! I actually laughed out loud when I read what you wrote about the folks who blew your post off. Anyway, you're constantly in my prayers.

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    You crack me up
    Your post made me chuckle this morning. Of course we are sending you all the vibes, positivity, prayers and whatever we can think of your way. Now keep us posted on how things go. Tina
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    John, that made me chuckle.
    John, that made me chuckle.

    I didn't see your other thread, but I pray for everyone on here daily.... whether they ask for it or not...

    I hope I don't offend anyone doing that, but it's just the way I am.