Update on my dad

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Well I'm writing again with sad news. He's still in the hospital and is still sick. Hopefully he'll be better tomorrow. The oncologist called me mother to say that she needs to talk to them about discontinuing chemo on my dad. I'm outraged about this. She hasn't seen my dad and to be so cold as to call my mom and say this to her. My poor mother was speechless. I'm just furious. Isn't this something that should be discussed in her office during their apt.?? I don't understand. I'm guessing she has given up on my dad. How dare she do that. Am I wrong for feeling this way?? I may not even be making any sense at this moment. I'm feeling so confused. Isn't this decision up to my dad?? My mom is beside herself right now. I tried to calm her, but now she wants me to go into the Drs. office to be the pitbull. I don't think I can do that. This Dr. has put down EVERY decision we have suggested. She doesn't agree with the fluids after chemo, she thought we were a little crazy when we asked about the Herceptin. I haven't liked her, even though I haven't met her. I'm beyond pissed at this minute. She didn't even suggest trying another chemo to my mom. I'm full of venting right now and I'm sorry. What would any of you do at this point. We know he's in a weakened state, but he's said he wants to continue on, of course that was before this sickness. I know my mom and him need to talk this over. I don't feel I should be part of that conversation. Sorry, I'm really venting. Please pray that we can all make the right decision for the right reasons. This has all increased to a new stress level!!! Please pray!!! Thanks for listening.