B cell follicular Lymphoma Stage 2 Grade 3 question

markstevenvegas Member Posts: 11
Hello everyone. I was diagnosed in Dec/2009 with B cell follicular Lymphoma and currently undergoing chemo (R-CHOP). My Oncologist ordered 3 cycles based on my stage/grade. I have my 3rd one tomorrow and hopefully it is my last before beginning radiation. Mine was localized to my neck (lymph glands on both sides of neck and a mass behind my tongue). The only symptom that initially made me go see my Dr. was a hoarse voice with a slight bit of swallowing problems. No other symptoms. After my diagnosis, scans etc. I got started right away on chemo. because my oncologist said it was quite large and he was afraid that it had become aggressive and would prevent me from breathing if not treated immediately. Has anyone else had this same diagnosis? My voice and swallowing have improved drastically but I keep having odd sensations in my neck. almost like a bruised sensation deep in the muscle and it worries me that the chemo is not completely doing it's job since I've already had two treatments. I talked about this sensation with my Oncologist and he said it could simply be nerve damage. I guess I won't know my progress until they do the CT/Pet scans after this 3rd treatment. Thanks.