How long until taste returns after radiation???

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I just received neutron radiation and my taste buds are shot!!! How long until the taste returns? Thanks!


  • RayLogu
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    Taste Returns
    Sorry I did not notice your post sooner. I had no taste for approximate 4 months and it gradually returned to normal by the end of the 5th month. The suggestion was made to
    try spice and sour things to stimulate the taste so I drank lemonade and tried other spicy foods. don't know how much that advanced the return of my taste.
    I do hope your taste has returned to 100% by now, the lack of taste id difficult to deal with and those that have not had this experinece don't really understand.
    regards and my best to you,
  • ekdennie
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    I have been reading a lot of what everyone on the head and neck site say, but taste seems to take anywhere from several weeks to several months. each person is different. For me, sweet tastes different, sour is still sour, salty is a little off, spices taste strongly, and milk and cheese are very pronounced flavors...I have been told it just takes time and what tastes good or bad today may not tomorrow. sorry I didn't see you post sooner!