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I am concerned about my 18 year old son, Luke. His father (he and I had been divorced since Luke was 3 years old) Neil passed away two years ago from adenocarcinoma of the duodenum. He was 47 years old. He went into the hospital, they diagnosed it...did surgery and the cancer was all over his abdominal cavity. They closed him up. He never came home from the hospital and died there three months later. His mother, Luke's paternal grandmother died at 42 years old from pancreatic cancer. From the time they diagnosed her until the day she died? Three weeks.

My father has had rectal cancer. He has done well and is cancer free. I am 47 and had colon polyps removed 4 years ago....I'm going in Tuesday for another colonoscopy.

When I asked my physician, the colon doc about the "coincidence" of both Luke's father and grandmother dying of cancers which are considered "almost the same"...he told me that "duodenal cancer is very rare and his chances are no more than anyone elses". He told me that my colon polyp tendency was a more likely worry for him. I realize that my father's history and my history are a concern...but pancreatic and duodenal cancer are SOOO much more deadly.

Can someone please tell me if they have heard of genetic testing, screening, etc...that should be started on Luke...I just don't believe this is all a coincidence!

P.S. I am a long-term survivor of Hodgkin's Lymphoma...30 years! I belong the that cancer forum but would like to be a part of this group too...on behalf of my son.

Thanks so much for listening.

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    panc/ duodnum cancer-son
    Hi Amy:

    I'm also 47 and I'm the one being screened for panc/ampullar cancer.

    I would definately educate your son when he is older and being his grandma died
    at 42, the protocol as far as NOW things hopefully will get better is to start
    screening 10 yrs prior to death of youngest relative's death!!

    My grand dad and dad both died of pc

    I have alot of info so email me

    Denise in NY
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    Genetic testing
    You may want to contact a genetic counselor about FAP, familia Andemonous Poliposis. This runs in my husbands family and he had a total colectimy 17 years ago and 5 months ago we found that it had spread to his duodenal and he had a whipple operation but it has spread to his liver and lymp nodes were infected so he is going thru chemo now. FAP is a genetic diease and the infected person has a 50% chance of passing it on to their children. Hope this is not the case with your son but something worth looking into. Good luck.