CD1800 speciman data report

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I recently had blood work done after 34 rounds of rads for DCIS. I had read somewhere before from this discussion group where you can go to get info. on what these initials stand for. This is first time for blood work since rads. My MPV is high along with sodium and potassium. I thought I would do research before I called dr. back.
THanks for helping me. Mammogram in December and normal. Praise God and I pray daily for all cancer patients.

THanks for your help.


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    Google in CD1800 speciman data results or something to that nature and you should find the info. That's how I found out the lingo they use for biopsies, mammorgrams, all of it. good luck.

    Judy :-)
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    DCIS is ductal carcinoma in
    DCIS is ductal carcinoma in situ, but maybe you already knew that and mean those *other* initials. You can often google initials for more info. You can also get "Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book" and it is extremely helpful in explaining many of the terms and tests and what is important about them.

    Another place to learn about those darned initials is at

    For example, if you enter in your browser window, you'll get info on MPV. They not only explain that MPV means "Mean Platelet Volume," they tell you why it's important and what your blood tests mean.

    I hope you continue to have normal mammograms! Wishing you the best, Sandy