Cancer Survivor looking for some help.

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I am hoping someone can relate to me as I am a 22 yr childhood cancer survivor of HD. In 1988 I had MOPP, ABVD and Radiation. I have had a lot a problems with legs / feet pains to the point that I can not walk. I was told I do have nerve damage in my legs. They think that it is from the Chemo. I also have Hypothyroidism from the radiation. Does anyone suffer from the same problems. They are also saying I have Fibromyalgia. I am haveing a hard time finding any doctor around here that knows how to deal with late effect of childhood cancer. Does anyone have any suggestions? I just recently joined this group as I'm in need of some kind of answers from someone.My current GP said it is sad that something 20 years ago that was used to save my life is now causing horrible pain 20 years later. But at least I had the 20 years. I just want to know what all late effect childhood cancer survivors are facing. I also did research and found out that the kids treated w/ MOPP may have more problems later bc of how toxic it is. They no longer use it. If anyone wants to talk or point me in a direction of a place that can help more that would be great. It does not look like many people visit this board anymore. Please email me at [email protected]. Thank you!


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    Try this online resource...
    Hi -

    I think you may be able to find more concentrated help at the American Cancer Online Resource

    You'll need to subscribe to the list, then locate your specific cancer and post your questions there. It's far busier on that site for Q&A than anywhere else on the internet we have found.

    Our son had a rare cancer and we were able to find 100s of people online battling the same disease, looking for answers post-treatment, etc.

    Best - Melissa