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Hi all. I am new for this site. I am Pradeep Nishantha from Sri Lanka. I have something to say. Please excuse on my English. Before 6 or 7 years ago I was admitted the hospital because abnormal blood report. At the moment I got fever (Sudden up and down), cough, head ache, tiredness, etc. A local private medical lab gave me blood report with an abnormal WBC count 72500 /µL. So I got attention of the doctors of general hospital because this abnormal blood report and my normal outer appearance. They said this is totally unacceptable. But after 6 hours later I got a blood report from the general hospital with the WBC count of 75000. Pretty cool, ha. They did lots of treatments and test including bone marrow and ultrasound scans (I don’t know what is it for). I got more than 3 weeks for total recover. Now I’m OK. I have those blood reports as souvenirs. But I just want to know why my WBC count goes that much of high? Is that possible? What is the death limit of WBC?


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    High WBC
    Mine has been up as far as 78 thousand.It goes up and down...sometimes increases for months and goes down for months. That is the tough part...never knowing what to expect.

    The last time that I spoke with my doctor,I asked that very question. I have not been treated yet. I am in the watch and wait stage after three years. My doctor, who is well known for his research with CLL, said that treatment wasn't necessary yet.He has had several patients whose blood counts were as high as 350,000 but they had no swollen lymph nodes or spleen.Those patients with no secondary signs are not treated until other issues arise. Get another opinion.Best of Luck to you.