New Pet Scan results, very very upset!!!!

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Ed has his first pet scan since starting cisplain and campostar back in December, did three rounds of it., had pet scan, results were as follows: More liver spots, more cancer to his abdomen, basically his doctor said " this chemo did not do anything, in fact, his cancer grew". His original diagnosis back in october 2009 was stage four with mets to liver, stomach and pelvis and this is exactly where it still is but in fact more of it. The doctor mentioned changing up his chemo to 5fu and something else, we see him next week for consult. What do you think of this combo? We are very very upset, depressed and feel totally out of control.


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    I've never heard of campostar
    But 5FU is a standard in EC. I am so sorry that the darned thing is not responding. Ask them to do a biopsy and test the tumor for HER2 and see if you need herceptin.

    You're in my prayers.

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    Is there a possibilty of any
    Is there a possibilty of any clincial trials? My husband is IV and was in a trial at the U of Chicago...he had radiation every day and three different chemo drugs, clisplatin, one other and the trial drug erbitux.every week for 6 weeks. It ended October 9th and he had his scans end of Nov. and they were clear..the ultrasound endoscopic showed no turmor..

    Of course that doesn't mean he's out of the woods at all...another scan end of March and appointments with his oncologist and radiologist lst week in April.

    As Betty suggested perhaps a different drug.

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    I am sorry to hear this.
    I am sorry to hear this. Steve had 5FU and Cisplatin. Do you know if that was the other chemo drug? Don't loose hope! Stay positive! I know the feeling out of control part. That damn cancer just takes over and it does what it wants, when it wants. If you need to talk you have my number

    {{BIG HUGS}}
  • I've never heard of campostar
    But 5FU is a standard in EC. I am so sorry that the darned thing is not responding. Ask them to do a biopsy and test the tumor for HER2 and see if you need herceptin.

    You're in my prayers.


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    Try something different
    As you know, Charlie (also stage iv) had mets to lung, liver, and peritoneal they are similiar. Dr said they were throwing the "kitchen sink" at him. It was tough but so worth it. He had his chemo while in the hospital since it was for over 120 continuous hours but I understand lots of people do it at home with a fanny pak. He would start out with Cisplatin and Taxotere....can't remember which one they would do first......If I remember right, these drugs did not take long to be infused...maybe each was an hour or so. Then they would start the 5-FU for 120 continuous hours. He would be in the hospital for 5 - 6 days. He would be home for 2 weeks and then go back in for his next round. He did 4 rounds. He was technically in remission after the 2nd round. He completed his 4th round in July and in Aug he started Xeloda....the oral form of 5-FU. We played around with that dose but now he takes 1500 mg in the morning and another 1500 mg after dinner. He does that for 14 days and then is off for 7 days. Then he starts the cycle again. In addition to that, he gets his infusion of Herceptin every 3 weeks. That takes about 90 minutes.
    Our dr said from the start that if this cocktail did not work, they would try something else. We didn't have to try anything else, we were very blessed. Do not give up.....get his tumor tested...if it is HER-2 positive, fight for the Herceptin.

    I will continue to keep you both in my prayers.....try to stay strong...I know it sounds silly....believe me I know.....I was in your shoes last March. Never thought I would be sitting here today with Charlie doing so well. I hope you have a strong support group at home. I am very thankful for all the people on this site...they have helped me a lot but I also believe you need someone close to home. We set up a site on CaringBridge as well and we had so many people praying for Charlie and saying novenas to St Peregrine (patron saint of cancer)that I can't help but believe it is not just the drugs that are helping Charlie.