Can you bleed 10 years after having a hysterctomy

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Just wondering if anyone else had this happen. I had surgery to open up my vagina at the end of December 09, healing very nicely. I am using estrogean cream and gel on my dilator. I have been using this since the middle of Jan. It is not a constant bleed just every once in a while.

I just found another hemi, wondering is this just keeps going from one thing to another. Have my segmigolgy in March 15 along with my appt with oncologist at the end of March.

I think I am just having one of those days....


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    Why would you need surgery
    Why would you need surgery to open your vagina? What kind of cancer did or do you have? I had cervical. I had a radical historectomy and radiation a year ago. I am now cancer free one year. Having sex was very painful after radiation. I am now using estrogen cream and it is working very nicely. No bleeding? what do you mean when you said you found another hemi?
    Best of luck and stay strong.
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    vaginal shortening
    I received radiation for colon cancer and have vaginal shortening. I was told to use a dilator, but haven't been able to do on a regular basis. My gynecologist said there's not many Doctors in my area that specialize in this, I would have to go to the Chicago area. What kind of Doctor performed your surgery and what was the procedure like? What will your follow up care be like?
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    Post pelvic radiation vaginal complications
    I finished the standard 25+7 radiation treatments with 5FU and mitomycin weeks 1 and 5 in March 08. Since I had uterine cells "suspicious for cancer" within a month of my rectal/anal squamous cell carcinoma, I had a D&C in August of 2008. Surgeon told me he had had to open some adhesions to perform the D&C and that I might have some extra bleeding.
    BUT no one told me to keep this channel open and months later, when my radiation-freaked husband and tried, there was nowhere to go. I was hopping mad and told the doctors they had better work this problem with every woman!

    So, I have worked with dilators with little success and am interested in knowing about your surgery. Do you think it should be another whole discussion item? Where do you live? Do you think there might be regional differences with this issue? I am in New England.