How Long Did your Doctor wait

Hello everyone,
I am 45 yr old today and have been having symptoms that alone are nothing, and then I realized that together they are sx of cancer.. All this started in Oct 09 Irreg heavy bleeding nonstop for a couple of months with clots, then no regular period, but whitish discharge nearly everyday, bleeding that is primarily noticed just as a tinge on the toilet paper when I urinate, always constpated, and bloated, and the freakin pain in my low back and hip is excruciating somedays, and somedays it's barely noticable. I have also had two episodes of just standing up and the blood pour like water and then it's gone as fast as it came.

So after I had my duh moment and decided it was time to go to the doc... I went confirmed that bleeding was from the cervix which he said from best he could see looked okay. Pelvic exam was next to impossible due to the pain. No digital rectal exam and he said he couldn't feel the ovaries because he did not wish to hurt me worse. So during our discussion he said yes it could be cancer or it could be endometrial hyperplasia.. drew some labs put me on mini pill (progesterone only "in case there is cancer and it is estrogen receptive we don't want it to grow" and told me to start those and scheduled me for an ultrasound and endometrial biopsy.. IN A MONTH... so I am freaked out now, because I don't want to over react, but 4 weeks is a long time for cancer to grow and spread if it should turn out to be that..
So basically what I am wondering is how long from the time you saw your doctor and discussed your symptoms did you wait to be checkded and biopsied?

Thanks in advance for your help.. I am just scared and frustrated so lookin for some support and some answers that might help me out..



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    My name is mary
    Hi Laura,

    The first time i went to the office, it was last week of Feb. I saw the nurse practitioner. She did the pap smear. and scheduled me to see the Doctor in two weeks because she didnt like what she saw up inside looking at the cervix. When I saw the Dr. he noticed a polyp "mass" coming out of the cervix. He scheduled me for a ultrasound that week like in 2 days. Then I had to wait a week for the endometrial biopsy. So to count that up i had all that done in over three weeks time. I was diagnosed March 13 2009 and had the surgery april 13 2009. From Start to finish it was just over six weeks from first visit to surgery. call your doctors office to schedule to ultrasound and biopsy sooner! Just talk with scheduler and work with him or her as to what is open as soon as possible. what helped me the most was having a good friend i could talk to and she was able to keep me calm and things in perspective. Do not Fear what is not there. You may or may not have cancer. dont use your energy for worrying. I said a prayer for you.
    God that you would Bless me Indeed!
    may your hand always be with me.
    may you increase my territory.
    may I never cause harm to others
    and may evil never befall me. Amen
    try to say it every day! It has always given me comfort and strength! Mary
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    I had had an abnormal pap
    I had had an abnormal pap smear (done 11/13 but only got results early Dec). I was then scheduled for an endometrial biopsy in 2 weeks (12/19), had to resched due to a business trip (and then Christmas/holiday time) for 12/27. Referred to gyn/onc at time of biopsy anyway due to pap smear. Saw gyn onc 1/11 and rec'd biopsy result at that time and had surgery 1/28. This was 11/07-1/08.
    Cancer is such a fear-monger - but until something comes up definitive try not to assume it is inevitable. However, I would definitely talk, be a squeaky wheel, to see if tests can be moved up. Your peace of mind (or lack of) at this time can affect your health.
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    Hi Laura
    The anxiety caused by fear of the unknown is very difficult. I had my initial gyn appt to report the unusual bleeding in June of 2008, had to wait to have a period, then an ultrasound. Then I had to wait to have the d & c then end of July. The d & c/hysteroscope showed a polyp, then another week went by to get the biopsy results. That is when the cancer diagnosis came. Then I had to wait a couple of weeks to get in to see the gyn. oncologist. Surgery was not scheduled until Sept. 11 as they thought the polyp was stage I and contained in the polyp. During surgery, they found a tumor in my uterus and the cancer had spread to one pelvic lymph node.
    I am not telling you this to scare, just to impress on you the importance of being your own advocate. If you are uncomfortable with the treatment you are receiving, push for what you need to feel comfortable with. You know your body... if your current doc won't push up the appts and you want him/her to, then you can always seek an opinion from another doctor.
    Good luck and remember to be your own advocate!
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    Time until seen by gynecologist oncologist
    Laura, I am sorry to hear that you have had so much pain and anxiety. Your experience unfortunately is shared by way too many women. Don't wait a month! Skip the ultrasound and go to a gynecologist and have a biopsy done as soon as possible. I went from a pap smear which was negative and then two months later had ultrasound (as my doctor failed to put two and two together with my Mom having died of uterine cancer) and the ultrasound was normal so then a month later had a biopsy and found out a week later that I had Stage 2B adenocarcinoma of the uterus and cervix. There is a new cancer center where I live where they advertise on TV that you can see an oncologist within 48hr of being diagnosed.
    Praying for you!
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    Sending hugs and prayers your way!

    I would advise you to call the doctors office and put yourself on the cancellation you may be able to get an earlier appointment if someone else cancels. Sometimes being flexible can get you in there quicker..

    Hoping you get a better diagnosis than the one we have all received...but we are here to support you if need be. The most important thing is you get in and get the treatment you need!

    It is not good to be in pain; both physical and need to get on with your life!

    Hang in and please let us know how you are doing!