1st PSA test post davinci results

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Less than 0.06 was the reading, doc says good deal, start with a pump & ED samples,
and tell the MRS to brace herself - lol.

Nothing but good news this time, got measured for bladder emptying ability, I passed with flying colors per the tech.

Time to get back into the swing of things with the next appt in 3 months.




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    Congrats to you Marc on the
    Congrats to you Marc on the 0 score.
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    Good news
    Welcome to the 0 Club!

    Don't push the pump too hard or try to rush it. If you got the Osmon pump, the DVD doesn't give sufficient instruction or didn't for me. Pump a couple times, wait 10 seconds then pump 2 more. Repeat that until it is almost uncomfortable then hold that for 30 seconds. You will grow another 1/2 inch or so the first iteration or 2 of the 30 second wait. Release all the pressure and repeat the process. After just a few days you will be able to pump up an additional inch or so and your flacid size will increase.

    I don't use it for intimacy but as someone else on the board said, it sure gives a good stretch!

    I highly recommend the pump.

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    Marc- Congrats on the test
    Marc- Congrats on the test result. Love to hear that kind of news!