why when it rains it pours.

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Okay I am headed home where I dont get internet. so i will b back on later. my car is broken down, 4 water pipes busted under my house, my bills are outrages. im not sure what i am going to do. to sick to work. ANY suggrstions. luv uall...


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    Winter sounds miserable out your way. I am praying you have some organizations, friends, or group to lend a hand. Around my town you could call Catholic Charities for help with the bills (like one time every so many months, but it helps), see Social Services with help getting disability payments to deal with work stopages and more help with some bills including food and shelter, and call around all the churches looking for some help with busted water pipes. You could call your hospital's social worker to see if she or he could name some organizations that provide assistance in your area. Social workers learn lots about different agencies and problem assistance, so a good one is worth his or her weight in gold. There are times when we give help and times we accept help. Both can be blessings to others as well as to you, so don't be too proud to ask or accept help. Good luck!