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Breast Cancer and Diabetes

Hi Donna,
I was just diagnosed with Grade I Stage II breast cancer and have been insulin dependent for about a year. I was diagnosed one month ago and am in the process of getting all my tests, referrals, clearances etc and am nervous!!! How do you keep sugar levels low when stress is high? I'm in the medical field and that makes it worse. I know enough to scare myself. Brother, how did you cope?


I was first diagnosed as Hypo-glymecic in 94 and was told then that I would probably eventialy become diabetic. I started watching my diet in 94 and am not perfect but have managed to control my sugar through my diet and oral medication. I have taken Avandamet 4/500 twice a day for about 3 years now. Once in the morning and once in the evening. The spikes I get with chemo are not as high as I have heard with some. The highest my sugar has gotten is 207 the day of chemo when I was given Decadron as a pre-med. The morning after my last chemo my sugar was 146 and back down to 96 the following morning. For the stress I do a lot of deep breathing because my heart just sometimes wants to race. I also try to think positive. I know how glad I will be when I am done with chemo. I am very blessed to have great support from my family and my job. I guess I just believe that I am going to beat this thing. I have tried to do the best for me that I can. Sometimes I just would like to run away form all of this but I am a realist and know that it is not possible to do that. The ladies on this site have helped to encourage me when I am down and they send me lots of prayers and hugs when I am sick and tired of just being sick and tired. I am sure you will also find great support here as I have.

Post when youu can. Sending positive vibes, prayers and hugs your way.