My dad had Hodgkins at 70

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Hello everyone:

My dad was diagnosed in 2004 Hodgkins Stage IIA (nodular Sclerosis) at the age of 70. He did 4 cycles of ABVD. They cut the Bleomycin out early due to irritation of lungs and throat. He did 17 radiation treatments. Today, my dad is 77 will be 78 in June and living a normal active life. He did loss his hair, but it all grew back. The chemo was tough he felt tired and sick. He has a little neuropathy in his feet, but it seems not to bother him. He continues to travel and have a full life. You would never know he had cancer. My mom and dad are in Florida right now, but will be back to New York in April. They are enjoying themselves they never sit around. They are always doing something. So dont be scared, do the chemo and beat that cancer up like my dad did.


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    Thanks for sharing such a
    Thanks for sharing such a positive, uplifting story! I pray your Dad has many more birthdays to come!!